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PMAD/TAADS On-Line and AOC Career Paths

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The Personnel Manning Authorization Document/ The Army Authorization Document System (PMAD/TAADS) On-Line and AOC Career Paths are two MSC Leadership Initiative products. The information from these products may be used independently or collectively. Our intent is to provide our officers of all grades and specialties timely and relevant information to assist in their leader development and/or career management. This is very much a living initiative and will be a continuing work in progress. Some AOCs are not fully complete, however, we believe this effort is at the stage where it is relevant to a majority of our officers and soon will be completed for every AOC. We also recognize the need to address O5A positions. Therefore, this information is presented knowing there is a little work and continued refinement required.

It is imperative for all of us to be cognizant of and extremely cautious of developing false expectations from the presentation of this information. Initially, this will prove difficult for all parties- officers, career managers, and senior leaders. Serving in all the developmental positions for a specific colonel position not does ensure assignment to that position. An authorization portrayed within this web page does not translate into a vacant position.

To find current and projected vacancies, visit the MSC PERSCOM website external link (opens in new browser window) or contact your career manager or consultant.

AOC Career Paths
The AOC Career Paths display all COL and LTC positions by AOC with those previous positions/assignments that would prepare officers to assume responsibility of these senior positions of greater responsibility. The consultants conferred with senior MSC officers to select the developmental jobs for COL/LTC positions. As such, it will assist officers in career planning. It is essential to remember that serving in all the developmental jobs for a specific position will not ensure assignment to that position. In fact, these career paths are not all inclusive, nor does serving in these positions ensure promotion or a successful career.

Use and Intent

One must remember this is a tool for MSC officers to use to develop goals and provide multiple courses of actions based on available positions and individual career timing. It is also a tool for senior and junior officers alike to use in discussions on leader development and career management. The intent is for officers to not just look at the next assignment but envision multiple assignments that assist in both professional satisfaction and personal success.

We believe there is a significant positive result by providing this information. The willful sharing of all the MSC authorized positions (PMAD/TAADS) by AOC, grade, unit/organization and location holds for our officers the prospect of openness in working with MS Branch, PERSCOM and Consultants. This access, coupled with the senior positions by AOC and the types of assignments that contribute to development of the knowledge, experience and skills to serve at senior levels, marks this program as a quantum leap in officer management. Another initiative this supports is the need to provide leaders and mentors validated information with respect to leader developing for future assignments. Accordingly, this now provides senior leaders and mentors a single reservoir from which to guide and shape courses of actions to aid officers to achieve their personal and professional goals.