U.S. Army Medical Department, Medical Service Corps
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MSC Awards and Recognition

"A" Proficiency Designator (CAC users)
The purpose of the "A" Proficiency Designator is to recognize the highest level of professional achievement within each AMEDD Corps' specialty. Officers selected for this honor are leaders in their specialty and have made significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge in their particular field through extensive publication and active national professional organization membership. These professionals have worked hard and dedicated a significant amount of time to become a distinct asset to the AMEDD, both as an officer and an expert in their field. They are considered eminently qualified to chair a department, division, or service; have attained full professional status; and have obtained national prominence in their field.

Order of Military Medical Merit (O2M3) (CAC users)
The Order of Military Medical Merit is a unique, private organization founded by the Commanding General of U.S. Army Health Services Command in April 1982 to recognize excellence and promote fellowship and esprit de corps among Army Medical Department (AMEDD) personnel. Membership in the Order denotes distinguished service which is recognized by the senior leadership of the AMEDD. Members are given a certificate and a handsome medallion that signifies to all they meet that they are members of the Order. You will see members proudly display their medallions at formal AMEDD social functions.

Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS) Awards (CAC users)
Organized in 1891 and chartered by Congress in 1903, AMSUS is a non-profit, 501(c)3, organization for federal and international health professionals. AMSUS helps advance the knowledge of healthcare and increase the effectiveness of its members. It is dedicated to all aspects of federal medicine – professional, scientific, educational and administrative. Presently our nearly 8,000 members represent all healthcare disciplines and serve in the Active and Reserve Components of all the uniformed services, as well as the Department of Veterans Affairs and other Federal Agencies.

Junior Leadership Course (JLC) MSC Award of Excellence (CAC users)
The Army Medical Department (AMEDD) JLC identifies outstanding Junior Leaders from the AMEDD since 2018, who have consistently demonstrated the core army values and warrior ethos in the execution of their duties and who demonstrate skills, attributes, and potential required to become a future Leader in the AMEDD. Formerly known as the MSC Junior Officers Week (JOW), the MSC recognizes outstanding junior Officers and Warrant Officers since it's program's initiation in 1982, the Chief, MSC has presented an Award of Excellence in various categories to recognize outstanding young Officers and to encourage their future contributions to the Corps.

The General MacArthur Leadership Award (CAC users)
The General Douglas MacArthur Foundation, in coordination with the Department of the Army, established the General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award to recognize company grade officers who demonstrate the ideals for which General MacArthur stood: Duty, Honor, and Country; and promote and sustain competent junior officer leadership in the Army.

LTC Karen Wagner Leadership Award (KWLA) (CAC users)
The Karen Wagner Leadership Award was established by Army Medicine in 2004 to honor Lt. Col. Karen Wagner's many contributions to the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) for her selfless service and for paying the ultimate sacrifice to our nation during the September 2001 terrorist attack on the Pentagon. This annual award recognizes Army Medical Service Corps Human Resource (HR) Managers (70F) in the rank of Major and below from each Army component and Department of the Army Civilians in the grade of GS-09 thru GS-14 serving in key civilian and military human resource positions who made significant contributions to the AMEDD mission, performed in an exceptional manner and provided outstanding leadership and inspiration.

CPT John R. Teal Leadership Award (CAC users)
On 23OCT03, the Medical Service Corps lost Its first Officer in Operation Iraqi freedom to enemy action. CPT John R. Teal (Jr), 70H was serving as a Brigade Medical Planner in the 4th Infantry Division. The Chief, Medical Service Corps and the 70H Consultant established the Annual CPT John R. Teal Leadership Award to recognize 70H Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, and civilian medical professionals serving in key operational positions who have made significant contributions to the Army Medical Department's (AMEDD) mission and have performed in an exceptionally outstanding manner.